Go Topless Day: Women Everywhere Celebrate Equal Rights and Gender Equality. #FreeYourBreasts #FreeYourMind

Go Topless Day

International Go Topless Day Today, August 28th, 2016 proud feminist will be taking part in an event that has sparked quite the movement around the world. International Go Topless Day inspires women everywhere to free their mind and embrace the… Continue Reading


Voice of a Generation Gloria Gaynor ensures MLK legacy still Survives with 2016 Award

Gloria Gaynor at the NTA's January 2016

Gloria Gaynor has received the 2016 Martin Luther King Jr Award. The award, which acknowledges those who have gone above and beyond to inspiring others, was received by Gaynor in her home church in New Jersey. Just as Martin Luther… Continue Reading


Let’s celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day shall we (15 Photos)

National Chocolate Cake Day

Today, January 27, 2016 is National Chocolate Cake Day and what better way to celebrate this glorious cake day than to tease you with delicious cake day pics. #NationalChocolateCakeDay


Plot Twist: Steve Harvey accidentally crowns wrong #MissUniverse 2015 (5 Photos + Video)

Paulina Vega Gives crown to Miss Universe Philippines 2015