Food Porn Fails: Well atleast you tried (12 Photos)

Food Porn Fails

Food Porn Fails – Some people just aren’t meant to be in the kitchen. If you’re like any of these folks, I’d suggest takeout.


Jimmy Fallon and Priyanka Chopra Epic Wing Eating Contest (Video)

Priyanka Chopra on Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon and Priyanka Chopra battle it off for an epic wing eating contest on the Tonight Show. In case you missed it, check out our sexy photo gallery of Priyanka Chopra aka Alex Parrish from the TV show Quantico.


WTF Fast food items that get right to the point (23 Photos)

WTF fast food

Here are some of the most wtf fast food menu items ever found in the history of food.


Hows about we untie the knot with some badass divorce cakes (26 Photos)

divorce cakes

It’s a thing, people have been celebrating the fact that they are now free from marriage. Free from the constant fighting and arguments, free from the unhappiness in a relationship. Whatever the reason may be, people are celebrating, and what… Continue Reading