Go Topless Day: Women Everywhere Celebrate Equal Rights and Gender Equality. #FreeYourBreasts #FreeYourMind

Go Topless Day

International Go Topless Day Today, August 28th, 2016 proud feminist will be taking part in an event that has sparked quite the movement around the world. International Go Topless Day inspires women everywhere to free their mind and embrace the… Continue Reading


Houston Flood: All The Pics You Need To See

Houston Flood

Houston Flood Major widespread flooding has been reported in Houston today, with many businesses, schools and just about everything shut down. According to the National Weather Service, Monday’s floods has soared to new records, making it the the rainiest day… Continue Reading


Did Leonardo DiCaprio finally win an Oscar? (VIdeo)

Leonardo DiCaprio Wins an Oscar

The answer is YES! Leo DiCaprio finally wins an Oscar for his role in The Revenant. People around the world have waited so long for this day to come true and now at last, the moment has come. Watch as… Continue Reading


JebBush.com redirects to Trump’s official website


Normally we don’t get involved or post about American Politics but this one was a must. Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush’s website (www.jebbush.com) is currently redirecting to www.donaldjtrump.com, and the funniest thing about it is that he can’t do anything about… Continue Reading


Live Video feeds from various places in Mexico where Hurricane Patricia is set to hit

Hurricane Patricia

Live Video of Puerto Vallarta | Live Video of Ixtapa Guerrero | Live Video of Ixtapa Guerrero 2 | Live Video of Colima | Live Video of Guadalajara | Live Video of Acapulco Playa Condesa | Live Video of Acapulco From Hotel El Cano Continue Reading


Wildfires burn almost 10,000 acres in California’s San Diego County (Video)

Wildfires burn almost 10,000 acres

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