Incredible images from the World Body Painting Festival 2015 in Austria (42 HQ Photos)

Every year the Austrian peninsula of Pörtschach hosts their annual World Body Paint Festival, where remarkable artists strut their work for everyone's viewing pleasure.  Initially started by Alex Barendregt in 1998 to organize summer events in Seeboden. Today it has become the worlds biggest body paint event in the world. With over tens of thousands of visitors from over 40 countries from all over the world. Check out the official site  HERE

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Siberian Huskies Walking On A Frozen Lake is Pretty Damn Awesome

Russian photographer Fox Grom captures absolutely breathtaking images of his two Siberian Huskies walking across a giant frozen lake. The two dogs gently make their way over the sheet of ice blanketing the water in this vast and beautiful landscape. The ice is so clear that it's almost like a mirror, showing a pure reflection of the two gorgeous dogs.

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Jennifer Lawrence

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