Know some shocking facts about the universe

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  1. "If even 1% of those are in their system's Goldilocks zone, then there are 500 million planets in our galaxy alone capable of supporting life." Well, not really. Being in the Goldilocks zone just means that the amount of heat received from that system's sun is such that, given appropriate atmospheric pressure, liquid water can exist. That definition by itself says that for Earth-like life to exist, you must also have a suitable atmosphere, not to mention the basic H2O to make water. And all the other chemicals needed to support life. And the planet would have to produce a gravitational field within a certain range. And thousands of other conditions would have to be right.

    And of course, "capable of supporting life" and "actually has life" are two very different things.

    This statement is a little like saying that because you need easy access to a major road to open an Italian restaurant, that therefore any place with access to a major road is suitable for building an Italian restaurant. And then jumping from there to talking as if this means that every place with access to a major road actually has an Italian restaurant.

    Of course on the flip side, one could say that it is quite conceivable that there could be living things that don't require liquid water.

    As far as the actual scientific, experimental evidence goes, there is zero evidence that any planet other than Earth has life. Of course that doesn't prove that there is no other life out there. We have far too little evidence to draw that conclusion.

  2. "The center of our galaxy tastes like raspberries and smells like rum." Umm, how do you know that? What evidence is this statement based on?

    • Without looking it up, I believe scientists have determined thru spectrometry that there is a large cloud of alcohol and other molecules that match what's found in raspberries and rum.

  3. 90% of your body is stardust? If Hydrogen is not made up of stardust, and our bodies are 98% water, then it stands to reason that a good amount of that total is hydrogen.

  4. Ummm…The Andromeda galaxy IS visible to the naked eye.The observer just needs a dark sky with no urban light polution.

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