That moment you realize you’re too drunk to hit rock bottom

#Too drunk to hit rock bottom review

You think your drunken stories are crazy? Wait until you read #Too Drunk to Hit Rock Bottom! A story about a native New Yorker who struggled during his early years as a kid to eventually being all growns up with a family and the whole shabang.

Good boy gone bad

#Too Drunk to hit Rock Bottom is a collection of hilarious stories, author Joe Guz, shares about his life. From finishing high school with the quest to lose his virginity to enlisting in the military, he takes the motto ‘blackout or back out’ to a whole new level. The book shows you how wild military drinking stories are, especially in Chapter 6 when he was sent over to Korea. With antics including finding a prostitute for a friend to waking up naked in someone else’s room with no memory of how or why, this chapter will surly have you laughing.

Military in Gas Masks

One thing to take away from #Too Drunk to Hit Rock Bottom is that drinking can be really fun when you’re with the right people. On the other hand it can cost you so much more and lead to an addiction. But let’s not focus on the negatives, but rather Joe Guz’ wild and adventurous stories all while in the good company of some fine ale.

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