16 Photos that capture #Blizzard2016 so well

More than 60 million people witnessed #blizzard2016 as the storm’s effects stretched from throughout the east coast.

As of 8 a.m. ET on Sunday, the official snowfall totals:

Washington, D.C.: 17.8 inches
Baltimore: 29.2​ inches
Philadelphia: 22.4 inches
New York City: 26.8​ inches

Baltimore (29.2 inches), Allentown (31.9 inches) and Harrisburg, Pa. (34 inches) had it’s biggest snowstorm ever in recorded history. The storm marked the first time a single storm dropped more than 2 ft on New York City and Baltimore. Needless to say blizzard2016 is a doozy and these 16 photos can sum it up perfectly.


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