25 Extremely useful life hacks disclosed by Professionals

I cometh to you with a list of the Top 25 Life hacks told by the people who actually do the job. The working force of the world let you in on their deepest, most kept secrets to caution you on the do’s and don’ts when tackling those need to do tasks.

For instance, Do you want to know when is the best time to buy a car? Or what about wanting to know how to get rid of those pesky telemarketers to stop calling day after day? Well here it is.

25 Life hacks disclosed by Professionals

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  1. RE #18, sales tax on food: This depends on what state you live in. I used to live in Ohio, where indeed you had to pay sales tax for food eaten on the premises but not for take-out. I now live in Michigan, where you pay sales tax either way. You’d have to check the laws of your state to see what applies.

  2. #4: Key phrase here is “most people”. If you have an average income, don’t own a business, don’t have a rental property, aren’t receiving royalties, don’t give a lot to charity, don’t have a particularly large mortgage, don’t have a kid in college, didn’t have big medical bills this year, etc, then you can fill out the short form in a few minutes and you’re done. But if you DO meet any of the special cases, complexity can quickly skyrocket. I’ve never used a professional tax preparer, but I’ve had several friends in the business. A competent tax preparer will check if you meet any of the conditions that require you to file a long form or additional forms. A good tax preparer will check if you meet any of the conditions that make it to your advantage to file optional forms.

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