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  1. Of course it's true that, in principle, you can get just as many tax breaks if you do your taxes yourself than if you go to a professional. Just like, in principle, you can do just as good a job fixing your own car as a professional auto mechanic, or you could do just as good a job treating your own illnesses as a professional doctor. I assume that the reason that people go to tax professionals is because they hope that the pro has more knowledge and experience than they do, just like any other time you go to a pro. Like take the specific advice here: If you file a 1040EZ, you can't claim itemized deductions. If your itemized deductions are less than the standard deduction, this may be no problem. But if you have or could have significant itemized deductions, doing a 1040EZ would be a bad idea. (BTW I am not a professional tax preparer nor do I use one. But I do use tax preparation software.)

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