Fun facts you can use to impress the cooler kids in class (33 Photos)

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  1. Operation Northwoods was a proposed plan where the U.S. Military would commit FAKE acts of terrorism and blame them on Cuba to justify a war. Read the proposal. It goes to great lengths about how, for example, a fake attack on an airplane could be staged by having an unmanned, remote-control plane switched in flight for a plane with passengers, and then the remote control plane is blown up. They talk about sinking an empty ship and then conducting a search-and-rescue operation for the "non-existant crew". Etc. At one point they talk about staging an attack on Cuban regugees "possibly even to the point of wounding". That's the most extreme it gets. Yes, the idea of staging fake terrorist attacks and blaming Cuba to justify a war is sleazy, but at no point did the plan remotely consider actually harming any U.S. citizens. And by the way, the plan was rejected — whether because the higher-ups did not approve of the dishonesty, or because they thought it was impractical, I don't know. See <a href="http://www.johansens.us/sane/offthewall/northwoods.htm” target=”_blank”>http://www.johansens.us/sane/offthewall/northwoods.htm

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