Three Tight End Sleepers To Add Punch To Any Fantasy Team

The tight end position does not get a lot of love in fantasy football, but it can be very important in close matchups. Yes, everyone knows about Jimmy Graham, and there are a handful of other dominant tight ends that act more like wide receivers. However, overall this position is pretty thin. Here is a look at 3 guys poised to have pretty big seasons as they try to take that next step in the NFL.

Jordan Reed

Jordan Reed

Robert Griffin III did not have a very good season last year, and therefore Reed did not really have success either. However, the focus seems to be on moving the ball around with shorter passes for the Washington Redskins this year. That is great news for the second-year player who is trying to still settle in as a dominant tight end. He certainly has the size and athleticism to be successful, and now he might finally get the targets. He is rated in the top 10 right now in fantasy football, but he could be in the top 5 as far as production is concerned.

Ladarius Green

Ladarius Green

The San Diego Chargers have been very reliant on Antonio Gates for the last few years, but his time is starting to come to an end. That is why Green is considered to be one of the most talked about fantasy football sleepers in the game. If there is one guy out there in the NFL who could have a breakout season like Julius Thomas or Jordan Cameron in 2013, it is him.

At the beginning of the year, Green was ranked below as far as tight ends are concerned. He is starting to move up draft boards, but he is still someone who can be obtained in the middle rounds.

Coby Fleener

Coby Fleener

Any tight end that will have the opportunity to work with Andrew Luck has to feel pretty confident about their future. He is a very large and athletic target that Indianapolis will be looking to utilize more and more in 2014. Fleener is not the starter yet, and that is why people in fantasy football are scared off. He is worth a late pickup, or at least a look on the free agent market.

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  1. I like Travis Kelce as well. The Chiefs don't have a large number of receiving targets, and Kelce's preseason was like a highlight reel. I expect him to be a top 5 TE by the end of the season.

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