Simple life hacks anyone can use (40 Photos)

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    • I almost always do that to my cupcakes if they are firm enough. If not you just end up with a mess. Also, most jars will open easily if you slap them hard on the bottom.

  1. #7 Uh… Gas pump handles have a lever used to lock the trigger in the open position allowing for hands-free gas pumping w/out the need to be a moron.

    • in the uk we don't have automatic pumps. We're not lazy like americans. this might come in handy though.

      • "We're not lazy, but this is a great way to be lazy!" Typical eurotrash. An automatic shutoff is a safety feature, not a lazy feature, you mouthbreathing inbred idiot.
        And this picture is CLEARLY of a unit with a locking lever, so the gas cap jammed in there is completely unnecessary.

        • even though it has the locking lever, it doesn't mean it locks, they usually just remove the little piece that that lever actually rests on to lock into position.

    • yeah never do that.. overfilling can also be possible depending how old the gas nozzzle is

    • Yes, if you had a heart attack while filling your car, after you'd locked open the filler, then petrol could overflow onto the floor. Distraught onlookers watching your fight for life might light cigarettes to ease their nerves, blowing the petrol station, themselves and probably you too, straight to heaven or hell, depending…
      Or maybe not, maybe grown-ups can decide what is safe to do and what is not, without being lectured by the BeCareful brigade…

  2. Be very careful doing the toasted cheese trick in #6. Make sure the toaster is facing a wall or other obstruction, otherwise when it pops the toast it will launch it across the room, where in accordance with the buttered-toast-gravity law it will land cheese side down on your carpet!

    • I dont see how it would work, unless you have an older toaster. All the newer models I have had, have little wire cages that press up against the bread and hold it to the center of the slot and would stick in the cheese 🙁

  3. Instead of number 12 on any windows press ctrl alt and the direction you want as up. It will rotate everything for you.

    • You put your phone in a plastic bag to mount on an airplane and got your dick caught? Huh?? What??? I just don't…. I'm not going to ask.

    • there is also a latch that does that for you….. you can see it in the pic…..

  4. Awesome hacks.. truly useful post.. specialy the jar opening one, i really have hard time to open it up but thanks for your trick shall definately going to try…….

  5. #7 I live in Oregon. It is actually illegal for drivers to get out and pump our own gas. And #8 is a terrible way to clean anything! Never microwave a duck!

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