Interesting facts you didn’t know (38 Photos)

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    • stopped reading when a simple search for mauna kea shows that it stands at ~13,000 ft

    • 13,000 ft. from sea level. Unlike Everest, Mauna Kea is volcanic and therefore starts from the ocean floor some 20,000 ft. further down. It’s annoying that there are no sources for the things I don’t know are true, though.

      • 13,803 *above sea level*, 33,500 from under sea base to peak… Just as the article said, Mauna Kea is a bigger mountain, just doesn’t sit higher above sea level.

    • 13,000 ft above sea level, the figure given is measured from it’s base on the sea floor

    • The point is that the majority of the mountain is underwater, thus making it the tallest from base to peak while still being relatively small when measured from sea level.

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