Life-hacks are for everyone (43 Photos)

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  1. what i dont get about number 17 that do you email "unsubscribe" to them or is there a unsubscribe button?

      • The trick of filtering the “unsubscribe” is actually quite well known. It’s why my company puts “Remove me from your mailing list” in its advertising emails instead of “Unsubscribe.”

  2. putting your coaster on your pint in a lot of places in Europe and Australia means you want to fight the biggest person in the bar, might wanna check beforehand

    • Leaving your hat on in a bar used to indicate that you wanted to fight & if you 'backed out' you would have to shout the bar a round of drinks. Most people over 40 know this 'unwritten' rule as do all R.S.L's

  3. Places with low English skills? Don't you mean countries who's languages you haven't bothered to learn?

  4. Man, there's something in this list that EVERYONE can find useful. Thank you! Too bad there are sooooo many unhappy and discontented people in this world that they could find a way to be shitty when they're offered free and simple ways to make life easier!

  5. Nr. 12 is in germany the sign for: I don't want a refill at least in all bars in cologne…

  6. well mate actually most aussies wouldnt know wot the fuck it means to have a coaster on your glass… we usually just take our beer with us… ifu wanna piss of the biggest bloke in the bar then just keep staring at him or his misses. thatl do the trick fellas

    • Well, other than the fact that it's been debunked several times. It's a myth, doesn't actually work

  7. the idea with tie up two power cord together is so simple yet brilliant,
    אייל טנדלר

  8. I've actually been doing one or two of these for years, but great list – there were quite a few where I muttered "That's a good idea!". Great list, indeed! 🙂

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